When you are efficient you are also effective but when you are effective you are NOT efficient.

From 27-december 2014 on 3rd X-mas day will be World's Fairytale day each year.  An official holiday.

Welcome in the Quantum Multiworld where everything is possible

by navigating with your Mworld Contoller.

Take care for the world AND yourself (which means that you must make your childhood dream come true ) then you stay 18  or you turn to 18 again. Serendipity will show you the way .

Newsletter 1: Q4-2012

Discrimination, suppression, judging, lying, not keeping your word / deals, etc. will bring you personally to the wrong "movie". But going back to the right one is always possible. It's your party!

Alfred J a.k.a Captain Chaos the Time Eraser. Nr. 3 of 666 of the Intergalactic Rescue Team with Yannick and Michael in Breda

The first 2 men who entered the Quantum multiverse by accepting the Red Pill on 28th of September 2021 in Breda, the End Street ( Applestore / Kruidvat )

On the Left side Yannick was the first, on the right Michael with his baby and wife about 10 minutes later.

Many will follow in Breda in Q4 2021.

The 2 are gamers.

The scoop was for the Multiworld Game in Breda was for Yannick ( in the Applestore Endstreet 13 ) and Michael ( in front of Kruidvat ( Kruitvat, powder eg ) Endstreet 9-11 ) with his wife and baby. It is not a coincedence.

Schedule for the Multiworld Expansion

The BSI Multiworld controller is the result the 30 years plan ( 2001-2030 ).

In 2014 the BSI was finally uncloacked. See the history and development.

Spread Newsletter 1 in Breda to "erase" time


In 2030 or earlier "our" world is connected to the Multiworld


Q4-21 / 2022: Efficiency as "fuel" to improve the climate, 20% energy reduction for ALL projects in this world

Q4-21 / 2024 : Nuclear Energy up, Health up , Safety up using the BSI

Below you find the business cards with the Red Pill. Print it out and give it to your family, friends, etc.