When you are efficient you are also effective but when you are effective you are NOT efficient.

From 27-december 2014 on 3rd X-mas day will be World's Fairytale day each year.  An official holiday.

Welcome in the Quantum Multiworld ( Wonderland ) where

everything is possible by navigating with your Mworld Contoller.

Take care for the world AND yourself (which means that you must make your childhood dream come true ) then you stay 18  or you turn to 18 again. Serendipity will show you the way .

Newsletter 1: Q4-2012

Serendipity ( also called God's / Allah's eye ) will unite all for Prosperity and Peace.

Discrimination, suppression, judging, lying, not keeping your word / deals, etc. will bring you personally to the wrong "movie". But going back to the right one is always possible. It's your party!

Alfred J a.k.a Captain Chaos the Time Eraser. Nr. 3 of 666 of the Intergalactic Rescue Team with Yannick and Michael in Breda

The first 2 men who entered the Quantum multiverse by accepting the Red Pill on 28th of September 2021 in Breda, the End Street ( Applestore / Kruidvat )

On the Left side Yannick was the first, on the right Michael with his baby and wife about 10 minutes later.

Many will follow in Breda in Q4 2021.

The 2 are gamers.

The scoop was for the Multiworld Game in Breda was for Yannick ( in the Applestore Endstreet 13 ) and Michael ( in front of Kruidvat ( Kruitvat, powder eg ) Endstreet 9-11 ) with his wife and baby. It is not a coincedence.

Schedule for the Multiworld Expansion

The BSI Multiworld controller is the result the 30 years plan ( 2001-2030 ).

In 2014 the BSI was finally uncloacked. See the history and development.

Spread Newsletter 1 in Breda to "erase" time


In 2030 or earlier "our" world is connected to the Multiworld

Q4-21 / 2024 : Nuclear Energy up, Health up , Safety up using the BSI




Q4-21 / 2022: Efficiency as "fuel" to improve the climate, 20% energy reduction for ALL projects in this world

Target reached in 2021:

1- Time erased

2- WonderBox ready to market

3- Wireless Power in New Zealand

4- Nuclear Energy now "Green"

Below you find the business cards with the Red Pill. Print it out and give it to your family, friends, etc.