Plan 2001 t/m 2030: Day 7597, Friday, 16th oct 2021. If the goal ( all happy )  can be reached earlier then 2030, it must be challenged for the sake of getting serendipity.

Monday, 15th Nov 2021

A breakthrough. Clever Cooperation suggested in corona strategy in Breda

Congratulations mayor Paul Depla and Min. Grapperhaus....and welcome in the Multiworld !!

Tell this to Hugo , Mark and Jaap :)


Thursday, 4th Nov 2021

Mailed It's better to join where death and time has no meaning. Here's more fun :)

A rainbow appeared on the way back.At the end is a pot with gold :)

Thursday, 21th oct 2021 12:00 - 13.30

Visit to Land van Ooit. Told 3 men about the plan to let is rise again. There must be a place where children are the boss of their own imagination.

See the schedule below.

Alfred J & Corrie in the "time"tunnel

Before the pink castle

In front of the rising soldiers


Land van Ooit Rise

Out of the


For ALL Children

Plan for the rise out of the ashes of Land Van Ooit, Money is not King but the Will is !

Q4 2021

Q1 2022

Q4-21: Progress & Comments

1-> Ongoing

2-> Ongoing, Quo Vadis Ooiters?

3-> Start in Nov.

4-> Start asap, is URGENT.

5-> Ongoing

6-> Ongoing

7-Start in Nov

27th of December, World Fairy Tales Day

Now->    22-Oct.

To be developed soon

1-Communication with Efteling, Toverland, Walibi

2-Connection with "Ooiters"

3-Start petition for 40.000 signatures from children ( is also marketing power )

4-Start with learning to control the Multiverse for children walking in a dark road

5-Communicate with Government, Breda, Heusden, Waalwijk

6-Start with searching for sponsors by trading with Tunable Serendipity™ ( Rituals, AH, Shell, Rijkswaterstaat, Infra Builders )

7-Contact with Herman van Veen

Thursday, 21th oct 2021 16:00 - 16.30

Visit to Park Playground virtual reality games in Breda. Virtual reality is like the metaverse that Facebook is planning to build with 10.000 employees. Our plan is to connect "our current reality" with the Multiverse via the Metaverse. We can build an extra room where the visitors of the Playground, used to go to the Metaverse, also can learn how to surf in the Multiworld of Hugh Everett, which is endless.

First application: Learn children to take control of their lives and go, via the metaverse of the Park Playgorund, to the Multiverse. Especially for children lost in a dark road.

Captain Chaos in Cross Street in Eindhoven. Corrie discovered the poster of Serendipity. The Roti from the Suriname eat house was delicious.

Friday, 16th oct 2021

Visit the Kruisstraat ( Cross Street ) in Eindhoven. Suprised by Serendipity poster of Rituals while walking to the Cross Street. Now Rituals pays the marketing campaign for me. That's efficient :)

But we all know: Serendipity + the Blue Sky Index is your stepping stone(s) to Heaven ( or the Multiverse ) / Always 18.

Cross Street in Eindhoven.

Portal to Heaven

Captain Chaos glad with the free marketing campaign for Serendipity. Thank you Rituals :)

Picture maid in Tilburg 17-oct-21

Phase 1 for Cross Street Eindhoven and orther similar areas in the Netherlands:

Learn magic to children between 8-18 years with Serendipity and the Blue Sky Index. It will boost their self confidence. They will learn how to surf safely in the multiverse.

Start in 2022 also with the grown ups ( 19-100 years). It's for their health and rejuvenation. Nothing is in your genes, everything is in your efficient choice. JOIN the Royal Club !! And time is now erased.

Friday, 15th oct 2021

Ian Brackenbury Channell, Official State Wizard of New-Sealand lost his job in Christchurch.

His last deed wash wishing for more humane bureaucrats in the city hall of Christchurch.

Wizard of New Zealand, QSM

Let the Wizard rise again