Who is afraid of Heaven and Eternity?

The last world Expension was in 1492 by Columbus. In 1954 ( I Alfred J. was born ( which means came in OUR multiverse ) in Bandung, Indonesia ) Hugh Everett has the idea of the Multiverse ( also in 1954) which is now expanding. And the proof of it comes with the Blue Sky Index ( or Multiworld Game Controller ) which generates serendipity, a sort of stepping-stones, for the user. It's inevitable that we SURF back to the ideal situation for everyone, "dead" ( which means NOT in OUR mulitiverse ) or Alive. See www.Mworld.onl

And also in 1954 Albert Einstein said "Time is a persistant illusion" in a letter. But he was wrong because time has NEVER existed. Where we end up in the multiverse is only tehe result of our individuel choice and / or the sum of all our choices. Until 27-dec--2014 ALL our choices are persistent INefficient. But that's overnow with Tunable Serendipity an the basic rules:

How did Hugh Everett come up with the multiverse theory?

One evening in 1954, in a student hall at Princeton University, grad student Everett was drinking sherry with his friends when he came up with the idea that quantum effects cause the universe to constantly split. ... According to his work, we are living in a multiverse of countless universes, full of copies of each of us.

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Project Prio 1: Let "Land van Ooit" rise for all children. See plan in Blog-section.


Project Prio 2: Learn people above 60 how to surf through the Multidimension with Tunable Serendipity.

The steps are Games -> Metaverse ( Virtual Reality Games ) -> Multiverse ( learn to navigate with the MW-Controller )


Project Prio 3: Roll out Tunable Serendipity through society, business, institutions and governments.


4everland ( Q3-2021 ) is the result of a 30 years plan 2001-2030. In 2030 all dimensions are One. But if you want it faster you can sponso this endeavour with deals. It's also for your benifit. It is a trade !

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A-Mark Zuckerberg's Metaverse

B-Hugh Everett Multiverse. Now controlable with Tunable Serendipity by everyone.


Building Area plan for Zeeland & West Brabant with the cities. Q2-2024 - 2025 see ->

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Development of Preventive Care Centre in Bergen Op Zoom incl. preservation of history ( under development  with the Blue Sky Index management method.